Crocheting Coral

What possesses someone (besides the promise of a window display in New York) to crochet a huge coral reef? I love the idea of some woman (or man) refusing to go out at night because they were on deadline to finish a large sea anemone (isn’t that a great word to say anyway?): “Listen, I’ve gotta work tonight, guys, but I’ll meet you at the bar after I get the exoskeleton under control.”

Beauty arrests me wherever I go, and only someone created in God’s image could duplicate these incredible organisms. And since there is nothing more beautiful to me than the streets of NYC, finding a coral reef on Broadway and 10th is not uncongruous at all.

Seriously, though, there’s an amazing organization that I discovered. Check out The Institute for Figuring at for a real explanation of how this beauty came about.


~ by Cary on May 2, 2008.

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