Happy Mother’s Day from the Cat

I don’t have a cat… so this is not about my fear that my cat might forget me on Mother’s Day. I don’t have a dog either. But I have a mother, and I am a mother, and I care about a lot of women who are mothers. And I’m struck with the disparity between what the Bible calls us to in relationships and what Hallmark calls us to.

In the card section of the grocery store yesterday, a woman said to me, somewhat rhetorically, “Where are the cards for mothers-in-law that you haven’t spoken to in five years?” We laughed, this stranger and I. But maybe we should have just cried together (after introducing ourselves).

Peacemakers… that’s what we’re called to be. Not peacekeepers. Sometimes that involves a sword or a hard conversation rather than a Hallmark card from the cat. Sometimes that involves conviction more than congratulations.

There are some stark realities to face in the greeting card shortcuts we take. May I be bold enough to look at what I’m trying to buy — and why.

~ by Cary on May 7, 2008.

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