Whining for Fun and Profit

“I’m not an angry person,” I often say. And I say it between whining or complaining bouts. And that’s probably why this postcard hit me right between the eyes. So I bought it, and I’ve quoted it about 200 times in 3 days.

I’m a huge Dan Allender fan, and his book Cry of the Soul is brilliant in its exposition of how our “emotions reveal our deepest longings for God.” And I grudgingly admit that perhaps my “definitely-not-anger-but-near-constant-whining” just might signal a certain “God, you’re not doing right by me” entitlement.

There’s a fine line between realizing that my emotions sometimes signify excessive concern with “rich people’s problems,” and yet dignifying them and, as Leanne Payne would say, “taking them to Jesus for illumination or forgiveness.”

Giving credit where due… Stella Marrs produced these postcards. I love some of their work.


~ by Cary on June 6, 2008.

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