Coffee Mug Aphorisms (“The 1st Annual Kitschy Wisdom Quest”)

If you’ve been to the beach already this year, you’ve had the chance to stroll the boardwalk and buy coffee mugs with inspirational sayings on them in myriad gift shops. Heck, you’ve had that chance if you’ve simply been through an airport, to a 5&10 store (remember those?), or stopped in a Wawa or whatever equivalent your region has.  There is no end to kitschy catch phrases designed to (what?) inspire, motivate, calm down, or encourage us, we truth-seeking Americans. 

Under the guise of summer levity and gift shop enlightenment, I am undertaking a seven-day 4th of July holiday experiment and attempting to live by a coffee mug aphorism every day for a week.  A different aphorism every day, mind you — no repeats allowed.

All sarcasm aside, I prefer to be FOR things and not AGAINST things, so this is not a bashing exercise but a chance to see how “all truth is God’s truth” plays out in a “kitschy wisdom quest.”  Who knows… it may become an annual event!?

Since I’m honest I’ll tell you that I haven’t committed to a final list of aphorisms, so feel free to suggest one that you think will hold up under the scrutiny of a real-life road test. 

Tomorrow, from sunrise to bedtime, I’ll be attempting to inhabit “Live, Love, Laugh.”  Join me, won’t you?

~ by Cary on June 30, 2008.

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