“Eat, Drink & Be Merry,” (Day Three of Kitschy Wisdom Quest)

Big party last night.  Right day to choose this mug aphorism to live by.  Bands.  Carnival games.  Fireworks.  Cotton candy (banana flavored). Fruity drinks.  BBQ.  Pineapple.  Ice cream truck.  Cold bottled water.  Blaring patriotic music.  Blaring country music.  And before that, a trip to Gettysburg to deliver my favorite reenactor (and thus a MINI road trip).  Slept 12 hours after all the merriment.  So much merriment I didn’t have time to blog until today.

Only crossed my mind a few times that Luke 12:19 is the source of the oft-quoted “Eat, drink and be merry,” In the context of the rich fool who continues to build ever-bigger barns to store all that he hoards in an effort to live.


~ by Cary on July 4, 2008.

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