Give Me Ambiguity or Give Me Something Else — Day Five

Obscurity… we’re in coffee mug obscurity.  I haven’t seen this one too often, but it can be found — perhaps on the gift shop remainder table.  Maybe the folks who didn’t buy it just couldn’t decide on anything.  It’s “whatever” expanded.  I’m slogging through this week trying to live by a different catch phrase (commonly found on a coffee mug) each day.  Today it’s “Give me ambiguity or give me something else.”

And yet it works as a life-force-reference-point for a holiday weekend Saturday.  Push-pull, not sure, anything suits.  I can put on my gym clothes and yet never get over there.  I can go to the gym, set my heart-rate watch and then just pedal slowly.  I can start out reading deep theology and switch to US magazine (Who is Heidi and should she marry Spencer?).

Venus’ and Serena’s mother typifies ambiguity today.  Either way they go home with a trophy but momma’s face doesn’t let on if she has a Wimbledon preference.

A double-minded woman, Biblically speaking, doesn’t get so far.  Tossed by the wind.  Unanswered prayers.  Sweet ambiguity.  Can’t decide if I like it.  Don’t have to decide.  Couldn’t do this for more than a day, opinionated girl that I am.  But today… “give me ambiguity or give me something else.”

For tomorrow I can’t yet decide between “Jesus Freak,” “Danger is My Middle Name,” or “When I want your opinion, I’ll remove the duct tape.”  Votes?


~ by Cary on July 5, 2008.

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