Share My Prayers?

Did you read the story (available everywhere) about Barack Obama’s visit to the Western Wall in Jerusalem and how his prayer, privately penned and stuffed into the wall, was retrieved and shared with journalists?

It raised a couple of points for me:

1) How often do we justify our own sharing of information that isn’t ours to share under the guise of journalism? I report to you the terrible thing that someone else shouldn’t have shared (in detail) and how horrific it was that it was shared. When I do it here, call me on it. Ugh… I dread that. Yet I know that I do those things that I don’t want to do and don’t do what I intend to do (thank you, brother Paul, for articulating this so well in Romans 7).

2) How many of my prayers would I want shared? Go ahead and pass along the fact that I ask God for world peace and for smooth relationships. Yet, let’s skip sharing the ones about who I find annoying and whether I can have a close-in parking space when I am going somewhere and didn’t leave home early enough.

And I’m embarrassed for you to know how many years I’ve been praying about certain challenges in my life. I once threw away 10 years worth of prayer journals because I was so discouraged to see the same requests in volume 1 and volume 3,003,427.

Bottom line: I’d love to keep the details of my prayers private many days… but I don’t mind sharing with you the fact that God has been incredibly patient with me as He has heard me praying with inconstancy, half-heartedness, lukewarm devotion, mixed motives and downright self-deceit for years and years. And somehow all that grace has made me want to please Him more and to pray better.

Baby steps. But private ones, if you please!

~ by Cary on July 29, 2008.

One Response to “Share My Prayers?”

  1. OK … I agree, but I do not think Obama expected his prayer to remain private … do you?

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