Run Out and Get The New Yorker and Read Anne Hull’s Article, The Strawberry Girls

The Strawberry Girls is everything that makes me love to read and write.  Take your fingers off the keyboard, go find your August 11 & 18 copy of The New Yorker,  turn to page 36 and celebrate generosity, vernacular nuance, and just damn good writing.

I absolutely love this article which made me smile audibly.  I loved the Strawberry Queen, the whole town, the author’s evident powers of observation, ear for small town conversation, and ability to take me right to Plant City, Florida.  I felt like I could have been sitting at the dinner table with Kristen and her father, hearing about a particularly difficult washing machine repair and the quaint but weighty dramas of a Strawberry Festival.

Celebrate Anne Hull’s gifts.  She didn’t win a Pulitzer for nothing.  So excited to have found her.

~ by Cary on August 6, 2008.

2 Responses to “Run Out and Get The New Yorker and Read Anne Hull’s Article, The Strawberry Girls”

  1. Too bad the local bookstores have been out of the magazine since Wed., I have been looking for a copy to read this article since one of the girls on the Court is my daughter. I’m dying to read it!!!

  2. i am a Plant City girl myself and was fortunate enough to be in D.C and happen to see the New Yorker article! I was impressed

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