Motherly Advice

Roused from sleep all night long in a hotel last week, I couldn’t figure out why the phone kept ringing with people, many of them drunk, disappointed to reach another guest in the hotel (sleepy me) when they had someone else they urgently needed to reach.  The next day it hit me that perhaps the Seattle area code was 206, which was my room number in the hotel.  Bingo!

Thus I add this to my motherly advice (When you encounter a line in a public restroom, always look under the stall doors –not too far under! just a glance — as there is almost always one that is unoccupied that no one has noticed.):

Don’t sleep in a hotel room that shares its number with the city’s area code.

That, my friends, is a Friday-afternoon two-fer.

~ by Cary on August 29, 2008.

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