Tyra is Free

Gotta give a shout-out to Tyra Banks.  Yesterday (9/8) on her show, she traded places with a young woman who desperately wanted to look like a celebrity. This woman, no matter how hard she tried to copy the look that she saw in magazines, couldn’t make herself look as glam as Lindsay Lohan.  Granted, this woman was a good bit older than Lindsay but she was a perfectly pretty specimen of a celebrity wannabe.

And Tyra, who seems determined to drag women into reality, bless her heart… well, Tyra decided to trade places with this woman.  Which meant that the woman got the “glam squad” treatment of hours of work on her hair, makeup, wardrobe, wheras Tyra took off all her make-up and schlumped around, as she put it, in “what you would wear if it were Sunday and you didn’t feel like washing your hair.”  Sweat pants.  Sweat shirt.  Hair pulled back.  Not a bit of make-up.

And I was rejoicing for Tyra who had yet another layer of the onion peeled back — and thus got more free.  Again.  She’s been to war before on the issue of normal-sized bodies not being called “fat.” I think she’s on a mission.  I applaud her.

Tyra deserves the tv-show version of a Nobel Prize.  What brings peace to women is realizing that they can be on national tv in front of gazillions of people, with no make-up on, looking pretty darn regular, even when they are normally assumed to be genetically superior to the rest of us (and are revealed not to be).

What brings peace to women is realizing that they too could be ultra-glam if they wanted to trade good sleeping hours, coffee hours, newspaper-reading hours for hours in the chair getting glamourized… and then deciding that “no thanks; I’ll just be me.”

Every time women can hear that it’s normal to be normal, that it’s expected that we struggle, that it makes us approachable to be flawed, and that people are intimidated by omnicompetence, then they are more and more set free from perfectionism.

Major shout-out to you, Tyra!

~ by Cary on September 9, 2008.

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