My Pink Namesake

Yesterday at about the time I was sitting around wondering if I would have any sort of legacy on this earth (the sort of thing writers muse about)… I got a Facebook message from a friend.  She set my mind at ease.

She soothed my ego and flattered my sensibilities with the news that I will indeed have a legacy.  She is naming her new vacuum cleaner for me. My children are now off the hook; with this honor intact I can scarcely pester them to name their someday children for me.

And this is not just any vacuum cleaner but a pink, breast-cancer-awareness Dyson.  The Cadillac (or Hummer?) of vacuum cleaners.

It seems that my friend’s daughter likes my name (Is it sing-songy catchy?), and it seems that I’m their favorite breast cancer survivor, and they remember that I am a Dyson fan (mine, alas, is yellow).  Thus, the honor is bestowed.

So… in a household in North Carolina, these words will be heard, regularly I hope: “The dog threw up.  Get Cary Umhau out of the closet and suck it up!”

And I’m actually flattered.  Ego.  It’s a powerful thing.

~ by Cary on September 16, 2008.

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