shout out to stacey

Today’s the day… my friend Stacey is getting married, and I’m not there.  Which I’m regretting and feeling sad about.  So instead, I’ll give a shout-out to how much I loved her wedding planning style.  Which is anti-godzilla-bride.

She was in Sudan working til it was time to come home to actually get married.  She is excited and prayerful and takes marriage seriously and knows it’s about the life together and not the big day yet she did it in style, and with a sense of humor.

Her invitation was tastefully blue and yellow.  She had a reply card that cracked me up.  Since I dutifully sent it back I can’t quote it verbatim but a paraphrase might be:

“Choose one:
I’m insulted you even asked if I’m coming to your wedding.  DUH!  I’m your mother.

I’m not coming but it’s because I am giving birth that day to quads (but I’m still slitting my throat that I’m not there).

I can’t come and I’m not sure why you even invited me.  I had to ask my spouse who you are.

I’m replying yes but waiting to see if something better comes up (like a kickball game or washing my hair).

Ok, I took some liberties… but I loved this humorous take on all the elements of a southern wedding (well, any wedding).  I’m betting the band is fun, the weather is gorgeous, Stacey and her man are having fun, and the atmosphere and emphasis are right-on.  And I’m bummed I’m not there.

~ by Cary on September 20, 2008.

One Response to “shout out to stacey”

  1. That is quite a funny reply card. I bet that invitation was well prepared too. I wonder what she was doing there in Sudan. Well, in DVDs that is also possible. There are DVD invites too. You can also customize these invites to your content.
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