True Confessions, or Things I Wonder about Other Women

Ok, be honest.  Have you ever:

  • Made a sauce for meat by combining all the half-used condiments on a particular refrigerator shelf (and named it something fancy-sounding)?
  • Dressed your children for church the night before and put them to bed that way?
  • Jumped in a cold lake or slid down a chimney for a dare?
  • Danced a little Snoopy dance when you found money on the sidewalk?
  • Eaten a piece of candy you found under the seats of your car (when you know you haven’t bought that candy in a year)?
  • Had a purposely non-productive “junk day?”
  • Jumped on the bed in a hotel?
  • Applied for a job driving the Good Humor truck (and turned it down when you found out that you’d have to plug it in to your own electrical source at night)?
  • Brushed your teeth in the shower to save time?
  • Driven through traffic smiling wildly just to see if anyone would smile back?
  • Wanted to drive the Oscar Mayer Wienermobile as a career?
  • Become a regular at a greasy spoon?
  • Prayed for a parking space?
  • Felt vaguely guilty when you got a parking space right after you prayed?
  • Eaten “Circus Peanut” candy and wished for more?
  • Gone into a photo booth at the mall and paid $3 for a strip of mug-shot-themed photos of yourself?
  • Driven ten hours in sleet (in a 12-hour span) just to have dinner with one of your kids — and enjoyed it immensely?
  • Walked in the rain singing “Unwritten” (“feel the rain on your skin; no one else can feel it for you!”)
  • Curtsied “just because?”

I have two questions for you:

Are you still willing to be friends with me?

What are YOUR true confessions?

~ by Cary on September 27, 2008.

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