“Squeezing My Hand Knowingly”

Oh, I love that phrase.  I think it’s one of the common things that we long for — someone to really get it.  Someone to finish our sentences.  Someone to acknowledge wordlessly that they realize something just happened.  Marriage is often that way.  Good friendships can be. 

I resonate, however, with Dan Allender’s teaching that all of us are — even in the best of relationships here on earth — widows, orphans and aliens.  And thus when we are commanded in Scripture to look after those sorts of folks, it’s all of us.  It’s ourselves.  It’s everyone. 

It helps me to think of everyone as needing a little extra grace.  And it helps me to remember that God is our ultimate husband, parent and friend when we are feeling widowed, orphaned or alien.


~ by Cary on October 3, 2008.

One Response to ““Squeezing My Hand Knowingly””

  1. i’ve always loved that teaching — it sheds a new light on some scripture that speaks of us caring for and loving the aliens, widows and orphans in our land.

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