Introducing Inspire! — I’m Giving Birth

For any readers interested in mentoring in the Christian faith… or in Christianity and its tenets, check out a website I’ve been laboring over for a year.  I’m really excited about my day job, and I like the site a lot.  It can be found at:

The site is going to be constantly evolving and changing.  I’ll be blogging there on mentoring, and I’ve written close to 100 articles on the site. There will be audio teaching, teleseminars, book and resource reviews, mentoring programs for sale… you get the idea.   

The focus is mentoring but there is plenty of material just generally suited to spiritual transformation, spiritual growth, to exploring spiritual disciplines, to theology, and favorite writers (classical and modern).

The site is a membership site, with the actual content online (as opposed to promoting things we send you to buy).  A different model but one I really like for this one-stop mentoring source.

We’d love feedback on the site.  And we’d love to know if you find links not working or typos or anything.  It slow-launched today and will have a more official launch before too long.  But everything’s there, and I feel like I’ve given birth.

Check it out!


~ by Cary on October 7, 2008.

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