Garbage Waning

A week or so ago, I was listening to the Kojo Nnamdi show on WAMU radio in DC.  Kojo had a guest on, and I don’t know who it was but the topic seemed to be the economy (no surprise!).  The guest mentioned that someone he knew was in the waste business (sounded like garbage pick-up) and that he had seen a recession coming for some time because of the decrease in waste thrown out at restaurants on his route.  

I heard Tom Friedman speak last week about his new book, Hot, Flat and Crowded.  He talked about the need to make sacrifices and the fact that everything we have been doing up to this point in relation to the environment, climate change, the dependence on foreign oil, population growth and energy issues is a green party vs. what we really need, a green revolution of real and necessary sacrifices and innovations.

I’m wondering what’s coming, how to prepare for it and what change there will be in all of our lives that the garbage collectors (or others) might notice.

And I’m thinking about the dichotomy between looking at the challenges that face us, as a nation, and looking at God who KNOWS the challenges before us.

~ by Cary on October 9, 2008.

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