Grace for a Drunk Intruder

The Washington Post had a story today about a guy who got drunk and got off the bus eight miles early, entered a home that he thought was his, ate a crab cake from the refrigerator, saw a “new” cat he assumed his wife had brought home, took off his clothes and climbed into bed.

When the real owners of the home he was making himself at home in came home (how’s that for three homes in one phrase?), they found him in the bed and called the police.  Pretty quickly it was apparent that he was not any threat, and he prepared to leave.

But not before the grace-filled homeowners 1) refused to press any charges and 2) filled up a bag with homemade food for him.

The explanation was “Sicilian hospitality.”  

Wow!  Grace.

Check it out:


~ by Cary on October 10, 2008.

2 Responses to “Grace for a Drunk Intruder”

  1. Wow, hilarious. Link to the article?

  2. I’ve posted the link now. Good idea! Thanks.

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