What’s in Your Thought Cloud?

My good friend Sharon said something that has stuck with me.  She says that everybody only has about five topics that they talk about, and that pretty much everything they say will relate to those.  We joke about it because it seems pretty much true, once you start hanging out with someone a lot, that you can predict what they might talk about.

With blogging, there’s no escaping what your main topics are if you set the widget for the tag cloud to show up.  I could have guessed I probably wrote about prayer and grace and God alot. I said recently to a group I was teaching, “Get used to me quoting Dan Allender and Tim Keller ALMOST as much as Scripture.”  And I do tend to wax poetic over my MINI Cooper.  Not to mention my family (though I’m less likely to subject them to blogging exposure than I am to blab about them to friends).  And my tag cloud reveals that I talk about junky food pretty much.  And that I’m obsessed with New York.  For what it’s worth (not much?) it’s revealing….

So I was wondering… “What are your five topics?”  and “Why?”  What has happened in your life that dictates that those are the things that pop into your conversations or come to mind in the middle of the night or when you wake up?

Do you like what that says about you?  What do you wish you were ruminating on?


~ by Cary on October 13, 2008.

One Response to “What’s in Your Thought Cloud?”

  1. Investment. That I know off the top of my head. The rest, I will have to dig deep. Thank you for the Insight, and thank Sharon for me too. I will better understand myself and where it is I am going after this trip within.

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