Rebel without a Cause

GPS… what a gift.  I took my first roadtrip with a GPS system.  And yet I was also aided by the woman I was visiting who knew the backroads better than my Australian-accented GPS babe.  So sometimes I begged to differ.

At first it was really fun to defy the omniscient-sounding voice.  I’d shout out words of defiance (hey, after seven hours on the road I was bored): “I’m NOT turning left and you can’t make me.”  I took great pleasure in forcing my GPS babe to declare, with a sigh I thought, “Re-cal-cu-la-ting.”

But as the trip wore on and she tried so hard to get me to turn down what looked like not much more than driveways, and I complied nary a time, I started feeling sorry for her.

I honestly felt like I was disappointing her.  I made a mental note to visit a therapist to discuss “people pleasing” but I also starting apologizing, and assuring Australian GPS Babe, “I really would do it if I didn’t think my friend knew more than you do about this particular area” or “I’m sorry to let you down but… get over it.”  

Small mind… long miles… anything to divert. And she never talks back.


~ by Cary on October 21, 2008.

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