Same as He Ever Was — David Byrne Spreading Joy

There’s no point in trying to explain it.  I guess you “had to be there.”  So go.  The tour continues for David Byrne’s and Brian Eno’s creation, “Everything that Happens Will Happen Today,” billed as a combo sci-fi/gospel/country show.  Giving you the 411 so you can get there is my first order of business:

Check out these reviews:

  • “…no skinny white guy with white hair ever rocked so joyously in Wimbledon whites.” Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, 11.8.08
  • “This wasn’t just a concert; it was a celebration, full of energy, hope and joy.”Times Union (Albany, NY) 11.7.08
  • “…a spirit of emotional connection and giddy creativity…”The Boston Herald, 11.2.08
  • “…Byrne’s mind-blowing, booty-shaking music itself was a portal to a higher plane.”The Plain Dealer (Cleveland OH), 10.24.08
  • “…seeing [Byrne] live was so unapologetically mind-blowing that all my years of hundreds of live performances seemed to pale in comparison to one wild Monday night at San Francisco’s Louise M. Davies Symphony Hall.”  JamBase, 10.7.08
  • “Young and old danced in the aisles; attempts to clear them by Symphony Hall staff were futile.”mog, 10.6.08

I’m a big fan of live music… and yet there are shows where I think “I’m glad I’m here but I wish they’d get on with getting to the songs I know.”  Not this show last night at DC’s Warner Theater.  Out of our seats, screaming, cheering, dancing with old songs and new songs, disappointed that it was over even after four encores.  Nosebleed folks (us) as happy as those up front.  Life During Wartime — wow!

Creative, entertaining, joyful, ebullient, nonstop fun.  And my favorite part was that, even through the vantage point of binoculars from waaaaay back, it was obvious that no one was having more fun than David Byrne himself.  May we all enjoy our “work” that much.

~ by Cary on November 10, 2008.

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