Celebrating the Insanely Prolific

“‘Out of nowhere, believing that it is good for the soul to have one insane idea a day, whether you need it or not, the notion of a dwarf private detection came to me,’ he told the Web site for Milwaukee’s Mystery One bookstore.”

That’s a line from an obituary in the Wednesday, November 26 Washington Post, and I could not agree more heartily with George C. Chesbro (“…68, a prolific writer who mixed science fiction and fantasy into classic private eye novels, many featuring a dwarf detective as the main character…”), the subject of the obituary.

I too believe that one insane idea a day is good for the soul.  Which puts my soul in wonderful condition actually because I write “insane ideas” on scraps of paper all throughout the day (and then have to decipher them when I find them later in coat pockets or scribbled on church bulletins).

Perhaps I’ll decide to drive to the World’s Largest Yard Sale (a plan for 2009); join me:


Or I’ll write down something that might be the germ of an idea for a story later (“Why do people go to the trouble to move dead plants in a UHaul?”).

Or I’ll have an idea for a cartoon come to mind (only I don’t really draw).

So I get it that Mr. Chesbro, God rest his soul, welcomed his insane thought of the day.  I never read the man but I can tell he’ll be missed.

~ by Cary on December 1, 2008.

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