A Prayer in the Style of Dr. Seuss, or “Save Me, Jesus, from the Christmas Crap”

We wander through the malls and the ‘logues 

to find the things that will end up as clogs

for houses that are already quite stuffed

with junk and crap and lots of fluff.


Our souls cry out for connection and love

and things that don’t come from the push and the shove

of hanging at malls and wishing for more

while digging through piles in a shop or a store.


I sound like the Grinch and to him I relate

but usually my tolerance is rather sedate.

That demeanor is finished; I can’t just pretend

when Wal-Mart stampeding caused life to end.


Some days on this planet, I want to cry “uncle” 

and end the ridiculous, exhausting debacle

but Jesus has come, and he’ll come once again,

and for now we are called to stay and to love

and to bear witness to kingdom on earth as above.

We labor with his strength; we are never alone,

e’en while shopping and striving, we hear ourselves groan

’til we rest and reflect on what God has done

and look upward, not mall-ward, where true peace is won.


~ by Cary on December 7, 2008.

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