I Can’t Say “Naked”

So I’m reading over the passage that I will read aloud tonight at church during our Lessons and Carols service, and I am cursing my Southern heritage… because I can’t pronounce “naked.”  And of course the Biblical narrative begins with significant nakedness on the part of Adam and Eve.  And in Genesis 3, that word appears three times.  And I try and try but it comes out “neck-id” with an emphasis on the first syllable.  

I’m reminded of the Varsity, my favorite greasy spoon restaurant in my native Atlanta, and how the quick and talented counter people shouted out “Neck-id dog walking” for every order of a hot dog to go.

And already I’m far, far, far from immersion in the Scriptures, in the Biblical narrative, in the holiness of Lessons and Carols.  

And I’m focused on how to avoid sounding redneck.  And whether to try and say “nay-ked” or whether that will sound worse.

And again, the focus on Jesus is elusive.  Foiled again.

God help me, Southern girl who wants my heart to be less distracted.


~ by Cary on December 21, 2008.

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