New Experiences of 2008

We often think a year was “nothing special,” but if you think about it, there’s usually something new that happened. My incomplete list:

  • Quit dying my hair
  • Went to a sing-along bar and … sang along (“Total Eclipse of the Heart,” no less)
  • Changed perfume from something I’d worn since 1982 (but I’ll still wear the old one when my children think I don’t smell right)
  • Got an award for “happiest passenger” from an airline stewardess (a Tootsie Roll)
  • Switched from PC to MAC
  • Started a blog and website
  • Went on a retreat with people I didn’t know (but whom I know and love now)
  • Ate (and gagged on) seitan
  • Lost my father-in-law suddenly
  • Preached a sermon in a church
  • Was published in the Washington Post
  • Started (and continued) Spanish lessons
  • Finally found “the perfect hotel” (for me) in New York (the Giraffe)
  • Changed my standing order at Steak & Egg (don’t ask!)
  • Wore homemade turkey drumstick hats for Thanksgiving (and translated all dinner conversation into Spanish)
  • Watched my children leave for three separate continents
  • Attended my child’s college graduation


Hmmm… this is fun.  More tomorrow.Me in My Thanksgiving Finery

~ by Cary on December 29, 2008.

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