Festivus for the Rest of Us

Seinfeld fans know the Festivus episode wherein an alternative holiday was celebrated that included an “airing of the grievances.” Airing grievances sounds like a perfectly good activity for the holidays, especially for a girl whose father generally chose a movie like Scarface to watch, alone, Christmas afternoon.  I’m a bit warped on sentimental holidays.

And here in DC there has been a Festivus Kiosk erected in Adams Morgan and folks are stopping by to leave notes, grievances and griefs both, and a town crier sort of fellow is reading them aloud daily.

This reminds me of that Post Secrets project where people sent their secrets to a particular address.  I once spent an afternoon reading dozens of them at the American Visionary Art Museum in Baltimore.

People are hurting.  That’s the bottom line.

I heard a sermon recently (David Hanke, preacher extraordinaire, I believe) in which it was stated that a Christian worldview demands lament.  Or something similar.

And I agree.  So I hereby resolve to do my part to create environments where it’s okay not to be okay.  Where it’s the norm to be broken, messy, imperfect.  

Yet not to stay there — moaning in the agony of it all.  But to hold up a candle in the dark, a testimony to the Light of the World, who floods darkness, rights wrongs, redeems the years the locusts have eaten, extends mercy to the messy, knows us and loves us “as is.”

So if you’re celebrating tonight, enjoy it.  But on those nights when you’re not, know that you’re not alone in your humanness.  Don’t believe the lies that everyone else is doing so well and something’s odd about you if you struggle.

The human condition applies to all of us.  And God’s love is extended to all of us, not just “the rest of us.”

~ by Cary on December 31, 2008.

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