Black-eyed Peas and Reflections

Every New Year’s Day… I give myself permission to sit by the fire all day and reflect.  Except when I get up and melt the lard and make the cornbread to go with the black-eyed peas.

I peruse the year’s calendar and discuss highlights with my family and then I get to work.  And I’m surprised every year, as I fill in a little book that I keep just for such New Year’s reflections, at what the last year held. Not that I wasn’t present.  Or aware. But there seems to be some value in seeing it in toto.  And I fill in categories of “highlights,” “travels,” “visitors,” “who I hung out with (with stars next to the names that I am just getting to know but predict I will know better in another year,” and then a section for each member of my family and what they did (things like “Earl of Gloucester in King Lear,” “applied to grad school,” etc.).

I’ve filled in this book since I got married in 1982, and it’s fun to look back at things like “first apartment rent: $217” or “Lila was dressed as peas in a pod for Halloween (she was 2).”  

And looking at the year in summary gives me the chance to decide what I liked and what better go on the “overhaul it in the new year” list.  This year my list tells me I’ve been isolated, and it tells me there’s a ton to be thankful for.

And now I’ll go make my list for 2009.  Cheers.


~ by Cary on January 1, 2009.

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