Mothers Missing Kids

This was my first Christmas with one of my children missing.  And the circumstances were such that she was just right where she should have been.  Which certainly made up plenty for my missing her.

But I’m thinking of all the mommas who are without their children for heartbreaking reasons, at holidays or any time. Death.  Broken relationships. War.  Addictions. Homelessness.  

And I had an experience this week that I want to share in the hopes that it will encourage mothers who wonder where their children are and how they’re doing.  My church meets in a homeless shelter.  And I was in a room adjoining the worship chapel there last week. And the service for the men at the mission was going on.  And those guys were singing a song about being glad they’d been prayed for — by pastors, sisters, mothers.  And the deep, booming voices kept repeating a chorus, “I’m so glad my mother prayed for me.”  

So mothers out there who wonder where your kids are and how they’re doing, and whose hearts are breaking over the sheer unknowingness of it, take heart.  Your prayers avail much.  We tend to think that out of our sight means out of hope, but God who planned and knew them before we even thought of their potential existence has these kids (young or old, on track or homeless) in His sights and He’s working even when we don’t know it or believe it.

I was reminded as I heard “I’m so glad my mother prayed for me” that  motherhood is an achey-breaky proposition, even on the good days.  But we can pray.

~ by Cary on January 2, 2009.

2 Responses to “Mothers Missing Kids”

  1. Hello,

    I volunteer at a church under the bridge every sunday feeding the homeless. We feed as many as 200 sometimes. It sounds like your daughter is not homeless… but if any one reads this blog and doesn’t know where their child is… maybe I have seen them. I work with 1000 Hills Ministries under Pierce Elevated at Chenevert (spelling?)
    We see a lot of different people there. If anyone is wondering where there child might be (possibly in Houston) I will take a look next Sunday and see if they are there. My email is A picture would be best so I could identify them better. We have a ministry there that also tries to link people with their families through computer searches. Thanks for your concern about missing children. There are so many young people on the streets. My heart breaks for them.They were once little babies born and held in the arms of their mama… now they’re on the streets… oh what a different scenero this is. We pray for them, and feed them and give them hugs and tell them about the mercy, forgiveness and love of God through Jesus Christ. Many are getting cleaned up and off the streets. Praise God! Halleluia! There is still a dire need for more homeless shelters in Houston. I want to open two more (one for men and one for women) but I haven’t the funds but God will provide if this is His will…even if I don’t open them up… I pray God will have someone open them up. There are approx. 15,000 homeless in Houston but we can only shelter @ 5000 a lacking vast diffence.

    But God is good… and can see each and every one of these precious kids…. even if they are on drugs and alcohol… God still desires them to come to Him. God loves them soooo much! I love them too. I think of them as if they were my own kids.

    You know… If Gods eye is on the sparrow… you know He’s watching them. Prayer is powerful… because GOD ‘behind the prayer’ is powerful! He loves each and everyone of them.

    Much Love in Jesus Christ Always,
    Carol Dickinson
    Houston, Tx

  2. Changing the way we think about marriage:

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