What’s In, What’s Out

This year I didn’t understand the Washington Post‘s “In and Out” lists.  I actually scanned both for words I recognized after taking a quick look and feeling irrelevant, old, and out of it.  And I’m not as much of any of those as a lot of people my age. I wondered if the Style section of the Post was suddenly being written for uber-hip junior-high-schoolers (an oxymoron for sure) or for beltway insiders (oh, wait, in some ways I am one).  Finally I decided that it was just an off day in the writing of the annual “In and Out” list and I moved on.

Except I didn’t.  Because I love those lists, and I missed it this year.  If on January 1, 2010, I am just as confused, I’ll make arrangements to head towards an assisted living facility… but for now I’ll just make my own list, hopelessly skewed towards self-centered New Year’s resolutions:

IN                                                OUT

Going to the gym                    Eating crap when I get home from the gym

Smiling at people                    Making a really weird noise when I smile at people

Imagining fun outings          Leaving them in the planning stage

Learning Spanish                   Avoiding Spanish speakers out of laziness

Reading Scripture                   Speed-reading Scripture

Parenting                                  Fear of actually parenting

Prioritizing friends                 Putting friends in boxes

Jubilee thinking                       “What about me?”

The new has come                    … the old has gone                          

Libraries                                       Amazon

Libraries                                       Starbucks and the throat-burning aroma

Worship                                         “What about me?”          

IN/OUT Lists I “get”                  Lists that confuse me

Happy New Year and serious apologies to anyone who is stressed out by messy formatting on blogs!


~ by Cary on January 3, 2009.

3 Responses to “What’s In, What’s Out”

  1. oooooh i love it! that is very good. i often on “my other blog” do a hot and not list.. i might pinch some of your in and outs for it… if that is okay :o)

  2. hi – i have two blogs – my wordpress one which is newish which is http://onepassiononedevotion.wordpress.com/

    and this other one which is a bit mroe personal and that i’ve had for longer… though i have put some of this material on the wordpress one…

    http://fireball.lifewithchrist.org – i count this one as my main one :o)

    blessings, fireball

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