Did Carly Simon Really Do That?

Once I read that Carly Simon took one polaroid photograph each day, to mark the highlight of the day, and thus recorded her year and life.  I don’t know if it’s true.  I’ve also read that Sylvester Stallone (or somebody) was an alien… so not everything is reliable.

Yet I copy Carly’s idea.  Whether it’s because she was shy and sang anyway, or because she was married to James Taylor, she has clout and influence.  Or maybe the photo documentation was just a good idea.

Anyway… there’s something about looking for a highlight of each day (and assuming there will be one) that is good for the soul.  Gratitude has a fighting chance even if the highlight is “I’m still breathing.”

So far this year my pictures have been of:

  • January 1: a group of 23-year-old houseguests gathered around my kitchen island
  • January 2: a friend holding his first pork roast
  • January 3: a trash can full of discarded, expired medicine and mouse-nibbled Q-tips
  • January 4: the homeless shelter where my church meets.  

Highlights for sure, and there’s a story in each one.  

Try it… and share a highlight or two with me.

~ by Cary on January 5, 2009.

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