Invitation to a Jubilee Year

The ultimate sabbath in the Old Testament was a Biblical jubilee year when in every 49th (or some say 50th) year, there was a time of restitution, forgiveness of debts, a returning of the land to its original owners, a fallowness for the land that had been worked and — generally — a redistribution of resources.

Bono and others have championed third-world debt relief (Jubilee 2000) and many have speculated on how poverty would be eradicated if there were truly a worldwide Biblical jubilee concept enacted.

Jesus came in the New Testament as the ultimate jubilee and sabbath-bringer, and the church today is not living under a commandment of Jubilee, though Catholics did celebrate a Great Jubilee in 2000.

ANYWAY… long introduction to the fact that I am undertaking a personal Jubilee year in 2009, the year I turn 49.  I am reflecting on the traditional themes of Jubilee and attempting to live out at least the spiritual principles that drive them.

And I invite you into the journey because I need co-journeyers to dream with me about what it would look like if we all lived more out of trust for God’s provision of our needs and more with an eye towards how we (as relatively rich Americans especially) have gained and maintain a lifestyle at the expense of others — often without much gratitude or peace.

Perhaps I’m the only one who feels this way; that would thrill me.  For it’s not that fun to live in a constant pursuit of more, in striving to justify myself, and with a spirit of grumbling.  But if you’re at all curious or convicted about these themes, visit my other blog,

and join in the journey with me.

~ by Cary on January 9, 2009.

One Response to “Invitation to a Jubilee Year”

  1. I love this post, Cary! Once again, your deep theological thinking meshes with beautiful prose and great, practical application. I had to read it aloud to Gordon, since it challenges me to join you in letting “the land lie fallow in this, my 49th year.” Jubilee, indeed!

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