Is This Brain Overload Sustainable?

“Sustainability” is the new watchword.  Or rather it’s not so new but it’s important.  We pay attention to it in terms of food, ecosystems, environmental issues.

But I’m wondering if my own brain (and yours too) can sustain the lifestyle we have in which in any given hour we are bombarded with so many facts and figures and needs and people that we want to explode.  Maybe it’s my heart that’s affected most.  Or soul.  It doesn’t matter what part of me takes the biggest hit; I’m under attack.

Multitasking be damned this morning; I’m exhausted.  This morning in one hour on a machine at my gym, I encountered the following facts and/or ensuing thoughts (via two books, an iPod, the people around me and four television screens):

  • “Rescue at sea happening off Virginia Beach; hope our uncle didn’t go boating”
  • “Confirmation hearings delayed til after election; who IS that guy?”
  • “Traffic predictions for inaguration weekend” (I live in DC)
  • Kathie Lee and Hoda showing off an eagle and an alligator (closed captioning broken; I don’t know why)
  • Challenges to my thinking on consumerism and news-gathering and the scale of each mediating against community (from Deep Economy by Bill McKibben)
  • The history of the wearing of white wedding gowns (Thanks, Queen Victoria)
  • “There’s the woman who photographed my children when they were young.  Boy was that a long time ago.  My kids are leaving home now.  Wonder if she remembers us.”
  • “There’s a woman I taught in a class.  Maybe she thinks I’m weird.”
  • “Levon wears his war wound like a crown.  And he calls his child ‘Jesus.’  Cause he likes the name.”  I like Elton’s voice.  Remember seeing him in concert in 1973?  And those pom pom balls all over his clothes were cool.
  • “All the trainers in the gym are wearing matching clothes today.  Wonder why.”
  • “There’s that woman who looks young enough to be my daughter but who is older than me.  I should use heavier weights.”
  • “Every time I hear Aretha Franklin’s Think, I remember how much it helped me in running a marathon.
  • “Oh, my friend Julie left her book, What Every American Should Know about the Middle East, here.”  Should I drive it to her or is she in the building?  I should read that book.”
  • “I haven’t yet read ‘Middle East for Dummies’ though.”
  • “Should I buy the bra strap extender on tv?”

You get the idea. This is ridiculous.  I search for scripture that applies.  “I will keep in perfect peace (her) whose mind is steadfast because she trusts in me” doesn’t quite work.  I’m not refusing to trust; I’m just overwhelmed with data.  Maybe, when all else fails, “Be still and know that I am God.”  Not much else matters… but a lot more bombards us.  Help me, God!

~ by Cary on January 14, 2009.

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