The Land of the Bus and the Home of the Porta-John

I’m in my bedroom looking out the window and all I see is buses pouring into DC.  Backed up on a Sunday morning.  I’ve never seen anything like this.

And yesterday I went down to the National Mall to check things out for the inauguration, and our beautiful mall is lined cheek to jowl with portable toilets.  Blue and green behemoths literally line the 2.5 miles of the National Mall and on side streets they fill the median strips.  

It’s amusing looking.  And a great relief, actually, for those of us who are volunteering and pointing people to the restrooms.  There will be no pointing needed.  They are the focal point.

It makes me grateful for the folks behind every big event who simply stock the bathrooms, pick up the trash and drive the buses.

A “Bells of Joy” tour bus just drove by…. and that’s what DC feels like these days — bells of joy everywhere!  Wouldn’t miss it!  Not many will by the bus count.


~ by Cary on January 18, 2009.

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