What Did Dustin Hoffman Mean by That?

I loved this interview with Dustin Hoffman in Vanity Fair.  It made me want to have dinner with him.  It made me love his little smart self.  

Yet I didn’t understand this one exchange:

  • What do you dislike most about your appearance?
  • That it is only skin-deep.

Help me out, people. What did he mean?  Does he like his appearance and wish that such a lovely mug could spread its vibe to his soul?  Or what?

Here’s the whole interview so you can enjoy him too:



~ by Cary on January 24, 2009.

One Response to “What Did Dustin Hoffman Mean by That?”

  1. Okay, I’m weighing in, and I’m the only one, it appears. I think he enjoys making a witty comeback to each question, and that’s what he came up with for that. Perhaps he means he wishes he were consistent inside and out, but probably he doesn’t really know what he means either–just wanted it to sound kind of profound. Hmmmm. That makes it seem like I have a lower opinion of him than you do, but I’m sure he’d still be interesting to have dinner with :).

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