Facebook Findings

I’m going to defend Facebook.  Yes, I’m feeling defensive already, because I am tired, tired, tired of people my age (48.45 roughly) saying “Are you trying to fit in with the young people?”  No, I’m not.  I’m trying to connect with “the young people” and also with the people my own age and those who are 84.  They are all there these days.

I have real friends.  I drink coffee with them and talk to them on the phone.  We walk down to the corner for sushi and we go on road trips.  We sit in silence and we talk animatedly.  

Cyberspace is not a substitute for “face time” with people.  Yet the connections that Facebook fosters are real, and they serve the intentions I have to be a good enough friend, to care about what people care about, to grieve with the grieving and laugh with the laughing.  And in a complicated world in which we know hundreds of people, we don’t always know who is grieving or who is laughing or why.  And Facebook lets us know.

So today I had the chance to find out that my high school English teacher is dying.  And I got to thank her for her influence in my life and my writing.  On Facebook, through her daughter.

And I made plans with my friend Penny in Seattle, so we can hopefully connect in person this spring.

And I found out that one friend had surgery, another got a cute haircut, another went to London, another got a bad haircut, well you get the point.

I advocate Facebook for gathering data and then acting on it.  In person. Face to face.

~ by Cary on January 25, 2009.

One Response to “Facebook Findings”

  1. I, at age 48, am now my mother’s friend on Facebook–she’s 76…I think she’s secure enough not to need to keep up with the “young people.” In fact, I think she’s awesome!

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