My A-List

What puts someone on the “A-List?”  And what perks does it get you once you land there?  

My A-List is a shout-out to people and businesses who have inspired me this week:

  • My friend Neftali works three jobs and sends most of his money home to his family in El Salvador.  Of course he’s not unusual in doing that these days… but he’s my friend, and he does it all smiling.
  • The manager of the car wash around the corner dug through three nasty trash cans to rescue my iPod auxiliary cord that got thrown away inadvertently.  And wouldn’t let me help clean up the mess.
  • DC folks should check out the excellent sushi at the new Ipoh Restaurant in Woodley Park on Connecticut Avenue.  The manager is running a great place, and they have amazing food from Malaysia in addition to the best sushi I’ve had in a long time.
  • A stewardess gave me a Tootsie Roll as a prize for looking happy (I was; easiest prize I ever got!).
  • One of my kids went out of her way to thank me profusely for picking her up at the airport.

Life’s hard sometimes.  This stuff helps.

~ by Cary on February 11, 2009.

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