Library Loneliness Illuminated

I’ve got a tip for lonely hearts.  Go to the library and simply smile.  The world will be yours, on a silver platter.

I’ve been holed up in my local lonely hearts locale here for weeks, working on retreat talks.  And it’s been illuminating.  

People are dying for connection.  Within my view now are a man mindlessly and disinterestedly turning the pages of a picture book on Monticello, a woman trying to help her father select books so he can relive his old memories in DC before he dies (though he is reluctant because “she JUST died”), and another fellow who comes each day to pretend to read books on a particular shelf, through which he peers in the same direction each day, apparently watching someone.  That last one might eventually warrant a conversation with a parole officer, but I’m trying to “stay calm and focused!”

And by the way, the father/daughter combo were loud enough that people heard them in the next county’s branch library; I was not eavesdropping, lest you worry.

Anyway, this is the place for lonely old men.  This is the place for young mothers who hope they’ll make friends (for baby and themselves).  This is the place for guys who look like Johnny Depp in Pirates of the Caribbean (minus the beads in the hair) who apparently play video games all day with very long fingernails and floral earphones.

Too much information (TMI)?  That’s what I think.  

But I just thought someone might want to know that if they are looking for community, for connections, for people around them, there is no end to drama in the public library.  And it’s free (and particularly active in recessionary times).

Bye now.  I’ve got to go smile at the old lady reading Jack the Ripper.

~ by Cary on March 10, 2009.

One Response to “Library Loneliness Illuminated”

  1. This is both hilarious (“apparently play video games all day with very long fingernails and floral earphones”) and illuminating. I’ll be the first to say I need it, want it, and am craving for more of it-community, that is. Hope your weekend at the retreat went well! Look forward to hearing about it soon. 🙂

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