Non Sequitur of the Month: A Paean to Cracker Barrel

I love jarring juxtapositions, dichotomies and non sequiturs.  I think I’ll start a “non sequitur of the month” club.  Or perhaps find one each day.

Anyway, the prize winner this month is a little girl in a Cracker Barrel restaurant who was asking her parents to explain Lenin and Stalin.

Not that thoughtful people don’t eat at Cracker Barrel… but it’s just that for me, when I go there I get so euphoric about all that butter that I forget that my brain cells need feeding too.  I mean “feedin’.”  I LOVE Southern accents.

When the waitress says, in our first interaction, all of the following, I just get distracted:

  • Can I go ahead and get you started with some of our raspberry tea?
  • Just so ya know… we do have the dumplin’ special tonight. 
  • You’ll wanna save room for blackberry cobbler.  I’m tellin’ ya now.

Nature vs. nurture… what difference does it make?  I come from Southern people, and I am a Southern person, transplanted though I am.  I just get excited when under one roof I can find Goo Goo Clusters, country music, Whoppers, hush puppies, extremely soft green beans, discount John Deere baby clothes (which I bought, with nary a baby in sight) and a clean bathroom.  Road trip heaven.

So what does this have to do with Lenin and Stalin?  I just didn’t expect to find them there, and it was fun to be surprised.

~ by Cary on March 19, 2009.

One Response to “Non Sequitur of the Month: A Paean to Cracker Barrel”

  1. Don’t forget the triangle golf tee peg games! I have ignored my dinner company on occasion when I’ve gotten a bit too engrossed…

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