Road Trip Musings

I’m on a long-awaited road trip to the Alamo with my son.  We went when he was six and we’re heading back for a mother-son “roadtrip remix” before he heads off to college.  And there’s a lot to observe and experience during 3500 (or so) miles on the road with a kid you love.

Today’s stats and musings:


  • We’ve spotted license plates from 39 states.
  • We’ve lamented 38 road kills.
  • We’ve only seen 3 MINI Coopers besides ours (what a loss!)
  • We’ve spotted 32 American flags, some of them HUGE.
  • There’s an actual Beef Jerky Outlet as well as a Cultured Pearl Museum and, of course, museums for Davy Crockett, Loretta Lynn and Dolly Parton.
  • We wondered why a BP in the middle of nowhere was mobbed and then realized that it sells beer on Sunday.
  • We laughed over “wide-load parking” at a tea room (aren’t they the ladies-luncheon-pimiento-cheese-sandwich-with-the-crust-cut-off spots?).
  • We tried to take a photo of a gorgeous sunset (and ended up with an adult bookstore in the frame).  Ugh.
  • iPod playlists that include Styx and Crystal Gale and Beach Music are great for singing along to at full volume.
  • We coined a new phrase to describe the over-full feeling after a Southern meal: “hog tied.”

    Pork Products Always Available

    Pork Products Always Available

~ by Cary on March 22, 2009.

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