The Shannon Factor

I have this friend named Shannon.  And actually I haven’t seen her in years.  Which proves the wisdom of what I’m going to share from Shannon.

I asked Shannon once if she wanted to go on a church retreat.  She said, “No, I haven’t put into practice what I learned on the last retreat I went to.”  And so I tried another tack… “Well, you could come just to meet new people.  There are a lot of great women coming.”  To which wise Shannon said, “I don’t spend as much time as I want with the women I already am friends with.  I don’t need to make new friends right now.

Ain’t it the truth?  I spend so much time wishing for things when my plate is already full. Reminds me of the Scripture that says we won’t know prosperity when it comes, without our eyes on God (very loose paraphrase of Jeremiah 17).  

I spread myself so thin in so many directions that I don’t do justice to any of them.  I sometimes wonder what a year (or month, week, day even) would be like with a single focus:

  • This is the year of “love your neighbor.”
  • War and Peace will occupy me this year, thank you very much.
  • I’m going to wear only black.
  • I’ll have tuna fish every day til I can’t stand it.
  • I’m going to use up everything I have before seeking something new.

Choice.  It’s beautiful.  It’s American.  But it’s exhausting.  Join three activities and give minimal time to all.  Try to be in touch with 20 friends and speed-talk with all.   Pack the day so full that you get a speeding ticket zooming between things.  

Shannon had a point.


~ by Cary on April 4, 2009.

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