Flag-waving Individuals

Where I live, there is one several-block area with its own traffic laws.  Or so it seems.  And I’m waiting for a pedestrian to be mowed-down, probably by me, because no one is expecting to see them step out into the street, waving an orange plastic flag, confident that they have the right of way.

But something is, on the other hand, very right about all traffic (six lanes, mind you) having to stop because one person wants to cross the street, generally slowly due to a toddler in tow, or due to having four pots of begonias in hand (there’s a market nearby) or because the person is elderly.

What are we all hurrying to do that trumps someone crossing the street safely?  Why should the masses be more important than the individual?  Why should we always see the big picture (like one of those Richard Scarry books of modes of transportation) instead of the individual bravely waving the orange flag?

Metaphors abound here.  And you’re smart enough that I don’t have to spell them out (way smarter than I am, I assume).

But I like the idea that someone crossing the street with plants or toddlers or bunions matters.

I just hope I don’t hit them one day, focused more on the streetscape and my plans than on the person’s progress.

~ by Cary on April 7, 2009.

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