Shaky Self-Esteem?

Loehmann’s called today and left me a message telling me that I am one of their most valued customers.  And I got a lift for a few seconds.

Then the Red Cross called and told me that I am desperately needed because not only am I O- in blood type but I am also negative for the CMV virus, which makes me blood, according to the very persuasive cold-caller who not only called me “dear” but also told me that I have the purest blood possible — “blood that can even help preemies and leukemia patients.”  Naturally I’ll be donating blood tomorrow, flattered as I was that I have lovely, useful blood.

But then I took the car to the emissions test station, and I was told by the attendant (with a high degree of glee), “You failed.”  I believe he meant, “Your car failed.”  But I took it personally.

Ok, I’m kidding.  My self-esteem doesn’t rise and fall with Loehmann’s and the Red Cross and the Emissions Test Station… but it does beg the question of how fragile we all can be sometimes and how little things bring a lift or a deflation, however temporarily.


~ by Cary on April 9, 2009.

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