Put These on Your Rolodex or Palm Pilot

My friends do the most amazing things.  I love their diversity of expression.  I love their energy and passion.  I love promoting what they do.  How else do we know about “Best of _______” if we don’t tell each other.  Share yours with me.  I’ll support ’em.

Here are some people and institutions whose work I love:

RALPH PHOTO — Ralph Alswang is an amazing photographer, and you need to know about him.  Documentary, portrait, weddings, whatever you need.  Check him out at http://www.ralphphoto.com/.  Bill Clinton loved his work; you will too.

MARS HILL GRADUATE SCHOOL — I love their conferences.  Really powerful.  Go out to Seattle or look for one in your area.  I also am so excited about the way they are doing seminary education as well as training therapists.  Good people, culturally relevant, Biblically sound, artistically brilliant and super-creative.  http://www.mhgs.edu

IPOH — Great sushi restaurant in DC.  Also Malaysian and other Asian cuisines.  Woodley Park. Go now.  www.ipohusa.com/

GREGOR TURK — Artist based in Atlanta who specializes in mapping imagery.  http://www.gregorturk.com/

AMERICAN VISIONARY ART MUSEUM — http://www.avam.org/  Current exhibit at this Baltimore gem is “The Marriage of Art, Science and Philosophy.”  I never miss a show.

HOTEL GIRAFFE — Three zillion trips to Manhattan and I finally found “my” hotel.  Corner of Park and 26th.  Piano player in the lobby during the wine reception.  Good, healthy breakfast included.  Calm but happening.  http://www.hotelgiraffe.com/

AEGEAN CENTER for FINE ARTS — Paros, Greece, a gem of a place for adults and young adults alike.  Amazing vision.  Soul-enhancing, first-rate education in the arts.  Fall semester begins in Tuscany.  http://www.aegeancenter.org/

MICHELE WOODWARD – Great life coach.  Job transitions, decisions, hand-holding, whatever you need.  Results.  http://www.lifeframeworks.com/

Cupcakes in Paris… at CUP AND CAKE.  Cardamom rose is my favorite.  http://cupandcake.fr/

NO BOX THINKING has a great selection of photo-laden greeting cards so you can avoid the usual sap and crap at the drugstore.  Check them out: http://www.noboxthinking.com/

Hey… this was fun.  Quarterly post promised.

~ by Cary on April 24, 2009.

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