How we feel about what we accomplish or what happens to us in life depends on what we expect. I get much of my inspiration from the closed-captioning on the four (count ’em) tv screens at my gym that assault me (when I dare to look up) with overload and information.

Susan Boyle goes into the hospital, exhausted and disappointed with a second place finish in Britain’s Got Talent.  Whereas she had been content before to sing karaoke at her local pub.  I don’t blame her.  There has been a maelstrom of expectation and an inordinate degree of attention focused upon her.  But she went from expecting obscurity to expecting everything.  And naturally it all got to her.

Another woman exalts, twists, twirls and struts on some women’s show because she has gotten her weight down to 185. From 300-something.  Most of America unfortunately cringes at imagining a woman at 185 pounds.  But for one who started on the other end, that is indeed a huge accomplishment and a source of joy.  She looked fabulous and happy.

Expectations.  What do I expect? And how does it affect my sense of gratitude and wonder?

~ by Cary on June 4, 2009.

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