An Apt Typo

My husband sent me flowers for our recent anniversary.  They were gorgeous, a combination of my favorites, lilies and Gerber daisies, with orchids thrown in for good measure.

With them, of course, was a card.  He had dictated a message to someone who did not have a great command of the English language or didn’t spell well.

The message that I read was “Thank you for marring me.”  I don’t believe that’s what my husband intended to say on this happy occasion.

Yet “marring” is indeed what happens in marriage.  I’ve marred him; he has marred me.  For 27 years now.  Iron sharpening iron.  For the better.

We laughed at the card, which also had a mangled version of “anniversary.”  And we thought it was apt.

We’re married; we’re marred.  It fits.

~ by Cary on July 27, 2009.

One Response to “An Apt Typo”

  1. We celebrate 26 years today–marred, married, marvelous. Happy Anniversary to you and Andrew, too. Love you!

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