Prince Arnold in a Can

Did you used to make prank phone calls to ask drug store clerks if they “have Prince Albert in a can?”  And then roar laughing (feeling mighty sophisticated for knowing about tobacco products in the first place) as you shouted, “Then you better let him out!”

Caller ID has certainly limited the fun of a new generation, which now seems sadly limited to computer games and tv-watching.

Anyway, this week Prince Albert came to mind when I ran across this product at my local pharmacy:

Arnold Palmer in a Can

Arnold Palmer in a Can

Depending on what part of the country you hail from, you already may be requesting “an Arnold Palmer” at your local restaurant.  Down south it’s entirely normal to ask for that concoction of half tea, half lemonade; waitresses don’t bat an eye over that.

But what I want to know, based on Arnold’s pained look on this can, is whether he agreed to get in the can, whether he actually likes tea mixed with lemonade, and whether he and Prince Albert are friends.

~ by Cary on August 14, 2009.

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