I am a bona fide indoors-dwelling girl, and yet I pore over every issue of Outside magazine, reading gear reviews, clinching my teeth over rescue stories, and thinking about what it would be like to be ultra-fit and oh-so-cool-looking in neoprene and to not mind sweating.

I am extremely challenged by moving gracefully, yet I am drawn to tap-dancing (well, really any dancing) movies, musicals, performances or scenes.  I wish the Nicholas Brothers were my own siblings.

I’m inhibited and can’t think of anything I’d less prefer than acting, yet I get positively weepy over stories of someone getting their big break on Broadway.

Anything that my children do is — by extension — one of my activities.  Not that I try to do the thing (there’s nothing worse than a mother tagging along or usurping territory)… but I feel vicarious interest and identification with that world, whether it’s the Orthodox Church or Civil War reenacting or painting.

Call me Vi[car(y)]ous!

~ by Cary on August 18, 2009.

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