NASA Needs Me

I’m not naming names but I helped train an astronaut.  Yes, I did.  Back in the seventies, I was driving around with a future astronaut when we had a flat tire in my beloved Mustang.  Male chivalry being what it was back then (existent), he wanted to take care of the problem for this delicate flower of Southern womanhood.  But didn’t know how.  So I showed him what I knew about jacks and spares, leading the way for the one-and-only time in my life on a mechanical (semi-mechanical?) venture.

And as I followed the progress of this space-walking acquaintance (we haven’t stayed in touch and I detest and eschew those “We haven’t been in touch, but do you remember me now that you’re an astronaut?” conversations), I couldn’t help but swell with pride over the fact that he was probably using numerous skills up there that I had taught him.

That astronaut business is nothing if not mechanical, you know!

~ by Cary on August 20, 2009.

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