This is a photo of one of my major treasures:

My treasure

My treasure

Yes, it’s blurry.  Yes, it’s dirty.  Yes, it’s trash too actually.  But it’s a treasure.

This Tootsie Roll wrapper was given to me by a flight attendant on an Alaska Airlines flight from Seattle to DC.

She had worked the flight I’d initially taken from DC to Seattle, three days before, and she recognized me when I boarded in Seattle. And she ceremoniously said something like, “I remember you.  You smiled all the way to Seattle, and I’m glad to see you again.  I have a prize for you.”  Thinking I might get mini-pilot’s wings or something, I froze in my tracks.  But no, she gave me a Tootsie Roll and declared it “Happiest Passenger Award.”

She wasn’t weird.  She was delightful.  And playful.  And I think of her often when I open my drawer and see this twisted wrapper, left over from the candy that I — of course — ate instantly.

And I wonder why we all tend to act so cool when we could be playful.  Encouraging.  Engaging.  Involved.  Even a little socially awkward if necessary.  Which the flight attendant wasn’t, for the record.  But I might be if I handed out candy.

Why are we so dignified?  Dignity is overrated.

Play.  Seriously.

~ by Cary on September 22, 2009.

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