Liquid, Fragile, Perishable or Hazardous

You approach the post office window, in a hurry to mail the too-tight jeans back to Lands’ End (or if you’re hipper than that, i.e. hip at all, maybe you’re sending something back to the Sundance Catalog or Wisteria).  You just want to send it parcel post, or priority mail.  It’s not complicated.

Yet under penalty of law, you must endure a barrage of questions about whether the “contents of your package are liquid, fragile, perishable or hazardous.”  They’re not.  And if there did happen to be a chocolate chip cookie or two in there, does it mean that you can’t send them?  Not sure.  And then you have to decline delivery confirmation, teddy bear sales, mailing supplies.  All in the name of full disclosure about what options there are at said post office.  And why does anyone want to own a teddy bear advertising mail delivery (or anything else for that matter)?

And it gets me wondering about adequate labeling or adequate representation about exactly what IS in the packages that bear us humans around this blue ball of earth on our appointed rounds.  What exquisite stuff our complicated, magnificent bodies are made of!

Yet I reflect on how much of my make-up really is liquid, fragile, perishable and/or hazardous on any given day.

  • Liquid — uncertain, squishy, lacking solidity, form or definition
  • Fragile — prone to falling apart, easily broken or shattered
  • Perishable — of the stuff of earth, temporal-minded, not made to last
  • Hazardous — gonna bite your head off (or, more likely, cower in silence or withdraw) if you catch me in an unguarded moment

I’ve got two modes — 1) natural me and 2) Holy Spirit-influenced.  Prayed up and emptied out and Spirit-filled, there is a major difference.  And any time I think I’ve lived long enough and outgrown the worst of me, I come up against the realization that I haven’t really …but instead have just had a decent run of being connected to God, leaning on Him enough that my better self (relatively solid, less fragile, imperishable, safe) prevails sometimes.

Left to my own devices, I’m a postal clerk’s worst nightmare.  Watch out.

~ by Cary on October 8, 2009.

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