Warning: Graphic Information (Health Information, That Is)

Today I watched Oprah.  And the news follows Oprah.  And during the 42 minutes that I watched her show, there were at least 6 ads for the upcoming news, and they included dire warnings that “actual breast self-exams would be shown on the news” so we should take cover, run and hide, be discerning, throw blankets over our children and husbands… basically, we were instructed to “prepare to freak out” or “dare to see if you can handle this.”  WHAT?  This will save lives. A breast self-exam is how I found my own cancer.  This matters.  This is life and health, not lurid information.

And yet anytime I look through the cable guide to see if one of my cooking shows is on, I am barraged with titles of shows that I didn’t ask for.  And that’s just the titles; I don’t now how many years it would take me to get the images out of my brain if I clicked on these shows.  Lest my blog become a go-to site for racy keywords, I’ll not go into the details… but suffice it to say that I am exposed (or so it feels) to shows about every manner of sex, not just extramarital but extrahuman.

Hmmm… prudish America.  Breast exams are threatening.  Sexual fantasy and explicit content come without warning and are marketed to kids.

~ by Cary on October 30, 2009.

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